Get Your Green Card Photo Online

There are steps you need to take to get your green card application accepted and processed. One of those is submitting an appropriate green card photo. The photo requirements should not be neglected as your application could be rejected if the picture doesn’t meet the official requirements.

Our AI-enhanced tool is the safest option to get your green card photos. The built-in verification tool will not only assess the compatibility of your pictures but also remove background, resize the photo and fix the lighting.

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Green card photo requirements

Green card photo follows the same set of rules as a U.S. visa photo. When it comes to the government-set specifications, those need to be adhered to so as not to delay your application. Make sure your photo is:

Requirement Explanation 
Age of photoNot over 6 months
Size 2×2 in
Background White or off-white
Facial expressionNeutral 
Accessories Only head coverings allowed for religious reasons

U.S. green card photo background

The background is one of the most important things to get right when taking your photo, as not following the rules can result in your permanent resident card application being delayed or rejected. 

The background must be white or off-white, without any patterns, shadows or other people in it. Avoid clothing that is of similar color as the background to avoid contrast issues.

What clothes can I wear for a green card photo?

In general when it comes to clothing worn on a green card photo, you should avoid anything that could blend in with the background. The photo needs to have proper lighting and contrast so very light or shiny clothes can affect the contrast. Moreover, you should avoid uniforms of any kind. Opt for every-day, casual clothes.

Green card photo – head position and measurements

Besides you having to maintain a neutral facial expression (eyes open, mouth closed), there are other head size specifications. Find them listed below:

  • Eye height (from bottom of photo) – 1⅛-1⅜ in
  • Head size ( from top of hair to bottom of chin) – 1-1⅓ in

USCIS green card photo online – format and resolution

Your photo must be of high quality and sharp. Pixels should not be seen in the photo. As for the resolution and format, make sure your photo is:

  • Resolution – min. 600×600 pixels
  • File size – min. 54 kilobytes 
  • Format – .JPEG file

How many photos do I need for my green card application?

There are two  ways of submitting your photo: digitally (for renewals) and in person/by mail. If you are applying by mail or in person, you will need two photos

Furthermore, if your whole family is applying for a permanent resident card, each member of your family needs to have their own photo – group photos are not accepted and may delay the process.

Take your own green card photo at home!

To make sure your green card picture is up to the highest standards, we have created an online photo editor that can help you! The only thing you have to do is upload your photo (which you can take as many times as you like until satisfied), and artificial intelligence takes over.

Green card photo checker – eGreenCardPhoto

The AI crops the photo, adjusts the background, fixes contrast and lighting, and applies all other necessary fixes. The photo then goes on through a verification process with our human photo expert who further makes sure your green card photo is compliant with government regulations.

The green card photo checking is free of charge. Just upload your photo and in 3 seconds you will get to see if all the green card photo requirements are met in a free preview.

Green card photo app for iPhone and Android

And that’s the whole process! You can choose to get your photos in a digital format or have them delivered to your address. Download our green card photo editor for iphones or Android and join a million happy customers today!


What photo is used for a green card?

Green card photo has to follow the same rules as a US passport photo. 

What is the size for a green card photo?

Your photo must measure 2×2 inches.

Can I take my green card photo with my phone?

Definitely! Download our app from Google Play or App Store and enjoy all the benefits!

Where can I take a green card photo?

You can either go to a photo studio or booth, or download our app and take a photo from your home.

Can I smile in my green card photo?

You should maintain a neutral facial expression when taking your green card photo. Therefore, avoid smiling or grinning.

Can I take my green card photo with an iPhone?

Definitely! Our app is available for both iOS and Android devices.