Green Card Address Change

Staying in the U.S. on a green card comes with many responsibilities, such as having to notify USCIS if you’re going to change your address – luckily, it’s not difficult to do so. Depending on the status of your immigration process, there are several methods for changing your green card address – you will find all the necessary information in this article!

Do green card holders need to inform of a change of address?

It’s essential that you inform USCIS if you’re planning to change your permanent address. This not only ensures you receive important letters and benefits but failing to do so is punishable by law and could result in fines, jail or in some cases even deportation. You should notify USCIS within 10 days of changing your permanent address.

How to change the address on a green card?

If you’re a non-citizen, there are three ways to notify USCIS about your new home address:

USCIS Change of AddressUSCIS online accountBy mail
Doesn’t take much timeDoesn’t take much timeTakes more time
Immediate e-mail confirmationRequires filling original paperwork onlineImportant to fill out the form carefully or it might be rejected – use black ink!
Very simpleVery simpleThe form includes instructions on how to fill it out and where to mail it
Can’t be done by victims of domestic violence, trafficking or certain other crimesCan’t be done by victims of domestic violence, trafficking or certain other crimesYou will have to update your address separately on other applications

Form for green card change of address

In order to change the address on your green card you’ll have to submit Form AR-11, known as “Alien’s Change of Address Card” – It can be found on the USCIS website. There is information that you will need to fill out your address form correctly:

  • Your new home address
  • Your old home address
  • Green card receipt number

It’s essential that you fill out Form AR-11 correctly. If you fail to notify USCIS about your change of address, you may not only miss important correspondence, but It could also result in such consequences as delays in your benefits or being denied legal immigration status. Here are a few tips to help you complete your form accurately:

  • Make sure you have a current form edition (you can download it from the USCIS website)
  • Use black ink to write your answers
  • Don’t use corrector fluid or tape on your form
  • Don’t forget to sign your form

What happens if you forget to update your green card address?

It’s crucial that all green card holders notify USCIS about a change of permanent address within 10 days of moving. Non-citizens who don’t inform USCIS about their change of address can be charged with a misdemeanour. This means you could face up to 30 days in jail and a $200 fine, but also get deported.

How long does it take to change the address on a green card?

Waiting time for your change of address may vary depending on the form you choose, but it usually takes USCIS 3-4 weeks to update the information in your file. If you submitted the application online, your address change should be confirmed by mail.

Cost of changing the address on a green card

Whether you decide to notify USCIS about your change of address online or by mail, there’s no fee for filing Form AR-11. However, if you’re filling out any other forms along with AR-11 it’s important to check whether they require an additional fee so your application doesn’t get rejected.


Notifying USCIS about changing your permanent address is very important and failing to do so can result in serious repercussions. You can update your address online or by mail, using Form AR-11. There’s no fee for filing the form, however, USCIS may take up to 4 weeks to update your information.


Do you need to get a new green card if you change your address?

Yes, all green card holders are required to update their permanent address with USCIS so that the information on their new documents is up to date.

Can I change my address while my green card is currently processing?

If you’re a green card applicant and want to change your permanent address while waiting for your green card, you will have to notify USCIS by filing Form AR-11.

What happens if I forget to change the address on my green card?

Not changing the address on your green card can result in serious consequences such as jail time, fines or even deportation.

Do I need to notify USCIS If I don’t change my address permanently?

You don’t have to notify USCIS if you’re planning on changing your address temporarily – important correspondence will still be delivered to your main address.