L1 Visa to Green Card: Transition to Permanent Residency 

L1 visa to Green Card

In the United States getting a Green Card marks a significant milestone for foreign workers seeking long-term stability in the country. If you are currently planning to transition from an L1 visa to a Green Card in the U.S. this comprehensive guide will show you step-by-step how to complete the process.   Types of L1 visas … Read more

Green Card Address Change

Staying in the U.S. on a green card comes with many responsibilities, such as having to notify USCIS if you’re going to change your address – luckily, it’s not difficult to do so. Depending on the status of your immigration process, there are several methods for changing your green card address – you will find … Read more

What Are the Questions for a Green Card Interview?

What Are the Questions for a Green Card Interview

There are many different questions an immigration officer could ask you during a green card interview. Remember that your answers have to be consistent with the information that you provided on the application. Read this article to know what you can expect during a green card interview. Employment-based questions for a green card interview An … Read more

Green Card Renewal Fee

Green card renewal fee

There are many situations where you might have to renew or replace your green card. No matter what circumstances, you will generally need to file an appropriate form, as well as pay a fee to USCIS, which will take care of your application. However, certain people may qualify for a fee waiver. Read this article … Read more

What Is Form I-551 and Is It the Same as a U.S. Green Card?

What Is Form I-551 and Is It the Same as a U.S. Green Card

If you are looking for information about Form I-551, then congratulations! It means you are about to obtain your U.S. green card. Form I-551 is the official document certifying one’s permanent residence status issued by the USCIS. Typically, Form I-551 is a card with a green background indicating the personal information of a permanent resident. … Read more