What Are the Questions for a Green Card Interview?

There are many different questions an immigration officer could ask you during a green card interview. Remember that your answers have to be consistent with the information that you provided on the application. Read this article to know what you can expect during a green card interview.

Employment-based questions for a green card interview

An employment-based green card allows you to live and work in the United States, however, to obtain the document, you will have to answer several questions about your current situation. An USCIS officer may ask you questions about:

  • Your qualifications for the position (for example work experience, certifications)
  • Your academic title
  • Your job duties and salary
  • Your admissibility (for example previous arrests or immigration violations)

If you’re applying for an employment-based green card, it will be necessary to supply documents proving your qualifications for the job

Documents Required for Employment-Based Green Card Application
1. Valid passport
2. Two passport photos
3. Medical report
4. Birth certificate and marriage certificate
5. Letter for a job offer
6. Letter from your employer confirming your employment
7. Government-issued identification
8. Documents confirming your tax payments
9. Originals of supporting documents submitted during immigration process
10. Employment Authorization (if applicable)
11. Criminal records (if applicable)

If applicable, you will also need to bring your Employment Authorization and criminal records. Additional documents are listed on the USCIS website

Marriage-based questions for a green card interview

During a marriage-based green card interview, the USCIS officer will try to gather essential evidence for proving that your marriage is authentic. This means that during the interview you may be asked about:

  • Details of your relationship (for example whether you lived together before marriage)
  • Your wedding day (for example when did you decide to get married)
  • Your spouse (for example what is your spouse’s salary)
  • Your daily routines (for example what time do you usually wake up)
  • Your home and traditions (for example how did you celebrate last New Year’s Eve)

If you’re applying for a marriage-based green card, you will be required to provide documents that prove your marriage’s authenticity. Relevant documents to bring with you to the interview include:

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Originals of the documents you used to enter the United States (for example work or travel permits)
  • Your birth certificate and your marriage certificate
  • Proof of authenticity of your marriage (for example utility bills, joint bank statements, rental agreements)
  • Photographs of you and your spouse together and with family members
  • Copy of your government-issued identity document with a photograph

Additional documents are listed on the USCIS website.

Green card interview questions for a child

Your child will be required to attend a green card interview, where an USCIS officer will ask them questions about their relationship with you, to confirm its authenticity. Remember that in order to attend the interview, your child should bring:

  • Their USCIS appointment letter
  • A valid passport 
  • Two passport photos
  • Supporting documents (original or certified copies of all the civil documents that the parent uploaded to the Consular Electronic Application Center)

If your child is under 14 it’s usually not necessary for him to attend a green card interview. The only time someone under the age of 14 is obliged to show up for the interview is if they’re the only applicant on the green card petition.

What to expect during a green card interview?

It’s important to remember that the main objective of the USCIS officer who is going to interview you is to make sure that the information you provided on your initial application is consistent with the answers you give during the interview.

You should be prepared that not all questions during the interview may be easy – the interviewer may have to ask about your personal information, previous immigration history, relationship with your spouse or topics that you won’t consider relevant to the green card. You may also be asked about any life changes that may have affected your application.

What to bring to a green card interview?

Apart from all the necessary and supporting documents you should bring to your green card interview, there are also some other things that could help you with the procedure. For once, if you’re not fluent in English, you can bring an interpreter to a green card interview.If you have a criminal record it may also be helpful to bring a lawyer.

Friends and family, if not directly connected to your case, are usually not allowed to accompany you to a green card interview. However, there may be some exceptions – if you are a person with disabilities, it may be possible to attend with your friend or a legal guardian, but make sure to call the USCIS office ahead of time.

What happens if you answer questions incorrectly during a green card interview?

If you don’t do well during your green card interview or give wrong answers to the questions, your green card application may be denied. This, however, doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from applying for a green card – If you don’t pass the interview, USCIS may still investigate your case and allow you to provide additional evidence.

What are the most common green card interview questions?

There are many questions that you could be asked during a green card interview and it’s impossible to predict which ones you’re going to get. However, there are some questions that are most popular during the procedure – primarily regarding your family history, marriage, immigration, military service, travel, education and employment. 

Where can you get a green card photo taken?

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A green card interview can be a stressful experience and requires a lot of preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly. Remember to assemble all required documentation ahead of time and make sure you know what to expect from the interviewing officer.

Can they ask me intimate questions during a green card interview?

Yes, you should be prepared for the questions to get personal. Remember that you should be honest with the interviewer – it’s better to admit you don’t know the answer than lie.

Is a green card interview hard?

Green card interviews may be challenging, but it’s primarily stress that makes it hard for most people. Be sure to come prepared and organised, as well as take all necessary documents with you – this will make you feel more confident in your case.

What not to say in a green card interview?

You should listen carefully to the questions the officer asks you and answer only them, without providing additional information. Apart from that, lying and arguing with the interviewer may also harm your case.

What type of questions do they ask during a green card interview?

The type of questions that you will be asked depends on the specification of your case, however, you may definitely expect questions about yourself, your relationship, employment and previous history.